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Planning to travel in May – June ?

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In Bali and nearby Islands good time to visit is between May-Oct. Even when temperatures do not really change much throughout the year being equatorial, where avg min around 22-23 C & avg max around 29-31 C but during mid May- mid Oct the rains are lesser giving you better opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for which Bali is more famous whether it is beach time, dipping in the pool, doing water sports, exploring temples, enjoying beach clubs or watching spectacular sunsets.

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Good time to visit Japan are spring and autumn. mid March to May & Sep to mid November are cool to pleasantly warm. In Tokyo during these time depending on the time of travel the temp can range from avg min 7-20 C to avg max 14-26 C, cultural hub Kyoto’s temp in these months range from avg min 6-20 C to avg max 15- 28 C. In the early spring or late autumn you can experience more cooler weathers & later parts of spring and early parts of autumn are more warmer.

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May to November are weather wise recommended time to visit Mauritius. These technically Autumn/ Winter & Early Spring times are good as temperatures are more pleasant and rains moderate, lesser than other months. Avg min during these months range 18-22 C & avg max range 23-27 C. July to September are winters here with min temp avg dipping to around 18 C & max avg around 23 C, still good to enjoy outdoors with little nip in the weather at times.

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United Kingdom

Mid spring to Mid Autumn season i.e. May to Mid October are good months to visit United Kingdom. In capital city London avg min temp during this time range between 8-14 C & avg max temp range between 14- 22 C depending on time of travel. It is moderately rainy throughout in London. The capital of Scotland i.e. Edinburgh is more cooler but still pleasantly cool during these months with avg min temp around 6-11 C & avg max around 14-19 C & moderately rainy throughout. If you go more up in highlands it can be more cooler even during these months. This is still one of the most recommended times to visit as weather overall is pleasant to enjoy the vacation times.

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