Please Note: These are on general basis applicable for packages, hotels, tours, activities, other travel components booked through Unusual Escape. There may be additional or specific terms in particular bookings as well, please refer to all important please note points, terms & conditions sections shared with quotes and/ or vouchers.

Payment, Cancellation, Modification, Refund Policy:

Individual Tours/ FITs:

  • To be shared on confirmation of interest by clients on case to case basis as per components blocked/ booked.
  • As per time limits if hotels may be blocked, normally tours & transfers can only be booked once our counterparts receive the payments. Same apply for train journeys. So these components are always subject to availability till then.
  • If any tour component is cancelled during the tour no refund shall be given for the same. Additional tour components cannot be booked during the tour through us.
  • Once the confirmation is done, if any amendments are sought, the same are subject to availability & rate change.
  • No amendments are possible after payments are made to counterparts for the tour.

Small Group Tours:

  • To be shared once such tours are fixed with dates and formed with minimum pax capacity.
  • A certain deposit shall be charged on confirmation of Small Group Tour, which shall be non-refundable.
  • Post this a schedule of payments shall be shared, which needs to be strictly adhered, so that payments are received from all travelling pax on time and remitted accordingly to secure the group booking.
  • Delay or lapses in payment may result in cancelling the booking and amount being forfeited for such passengers.
  • No amendment is possible on group tours where passengers join an already made group tour, unless passengers are getting a group tour designed exclusively for their closed group. Also no additional components can be booked on tour or once the payments are done to the respective counterparts/ hotels/ operators, etc related to tour components.

General policy for all tours:

  • All request for cancellation or modification must be in writing only. Verbal communication shall not be considered.
  • Refunds of any kind whether on account of cancellation by passenger if possible as per cancellation terms or on account of non-operation of any activity or tour because of operational unfeasibility, the refunds (if applicable) can only be given back to clients once the same have been received from the operators. This can take 45-60 days (or even longer in some cases) after completion of tour and after request for cancellation is received from pax.
  • In case of any force majeure situation or situations beyond control if the tour needs to be cancelled or curtailed, we shall try to facilitate in understanding on the possibilities of refunds, this shall be solely subject to the policies of such DMCs/ counterparts/ hotels/ entities/ operators, etc whose components have been booked or through whom the same have been booked. In case they are unable to give refunds or if credit is offered to be utilized for future travel or other such policies, solely their policies shall apply as refunds can only be given once received from them. We shall not be responsible in such cases.
  • Bank Transaction/ remittance related charge, GST, TCS & Rate of exchange (Buying/ Selling) related loss has to be borne by the passenger on the refund amounts. Refund amounts are given back in INR only.

TCS & Foreign Remittances:

General Policies for all Tours:

  • For all overseas tours 5% TCS (Tax collected at source) is applicable. This is calculated on total amount i.e. tour amount+ GST.
  • Every time the payments are taken for the overseas tour, TCS shall be applicable each time, even if these are taken in parts.
  • In case the tour booked is cancelled, there is no way TCS once deposited can be given back. It needs to be claimed under the same PAN number through which the amount was collected & TCS deposited can be claimed only at the time of  filing the return of tax for that financial year.
  • Certificate for TCS normally comes after the return is filed in the preceding month of the end of respective quarter and certificate can take few weeks to come even after filing the returns. We shall be able to forward the same once we get it from the tax authorities.
  • For remittances it is mandatory to have clear coloured scans of first & last page of the passport (self attested) of all travelling pax, PAN scans (self attested) of all travelling pax, Air tickets of all pax, Visa (if applicable & if already in place) of all pax, Aadhar Card front & Back scans (for Indian holidays) & signed scans of declaration cum authorization for remittances. Additional documents may be asked by our remittance company or banks for remittances where required. These should be shared with us by mail.
  • Amount is collected in INR @ roughly Rs.1.85 more than applicable ROE rate of currency on on payment date for major currencies like USD, Euro, etc & vary for others.
  • Since necessary TCS formalities also need to be taken care of before doing remittances, bit more time gap than usual shall take place between receiving the payments and doing remittance. If in such time gap, there is high volatility in ROE, then extra amount as applicable may be collected.

COVID-19 & Insurance Related:

General Policies for all Tours:

  • It is sole responsibility of the passengers to gain full understanding on COVID-19 related guidelines and adhere to the same, from all points of views concerning their trip. From airlines regulations to countries of visit, to going back to their resident/ origin country or any component/s of the itinerary that may have such regulations in place. In case you are visiting multi countries, please check the entry/ exit requirements of each country in sequence of visit.
  • We strongly suggest to take a specific Insurance to prevent any last minute inconvenience. Many countries have made travel insurance compulsory, where it is still not compulsory, the passengers should still take the same, specially the one that covers all sorts of medical emergencies including COVID-19 and understand how will they get the refund to what extent or if it is cashless.
  • Local suppliers & hotels & other service providers will be obliged to apply cancellation charges as per the cancellation policy provided.
  • Passengers are fully responsible for all cost related to medical services including treatment, testing, hospital expenses, quarantine procedures, etc related to COVID-19.
  • Please re-check with concerned authorities directly the updated info and requirements nearer to dates of travel again, even in case we share such understanding we do not assume any responsibilityon providing full & updated info on the same.

Other Important Points:

Individual Tours/ FITs

  • Nothing is blocked at quotation and confirmation stage, rooms/ tours are subject to availability and rate change until blocked/ booked.
  • Vouchers can take 7-10 days to be issued from the date of final payment or more in some cases.
  • Some tours may require re-confirmation (24-48 hours prior). This shall be mentioned on vouchers where required or explained. It is sole responsibility of the pax to re-confirm the same or else the tour may get cancelled and that too without any refunds.

Small Group Tours

  • Once the group is formed with minimum group size and fixed dates, we shall get the hotels blocked, which are subject to availability till this time.
  • Alternate hotels may be suggested in case of non-availability of suggested hotels & same may be subject to price change.
  • If minimum group number is not achieved, the same may not operate and guests may be asked to join alternate groups or amount may be refunded as per refund policy discussed in that particular tour policy and as per policy of the operator.
  • Pax needs to arrive and depart by flights mentioned and shared (either at suggestion or confirmation stage). In case pax arrives by other flights, they need to reach the arrival hotel and come back on own or request us to arrange it for them at additional cost.
  • Vouchers are issued or handovers are done at least a week or more after all final payments are done or few days prior to departure of the tour, whichever is later.

General Policies for all Tours:

  • City tax/ Tourism Tax/ Resort Fee, etc if any to be paid directly by pax.
  • Air tickets, Visa and Insurance, plus anything not mentioned in inclusions are the sole responsibility of the pax. We do not assume any responsibility and issues arising if any.
  • All pax have to travel together at all times, individual travel is not possible as most of the components are booked such that all pax should take these together.
  • It would be our endeavour to pass a request to hotel for offering King/ Double room for couples (if requested by pax), but the same cannot be guaranteed.
  • Breakfast are served in hotels at particular time that may differ from hotel to hotel, in case breakfast is missed out due to early departure of tour, no compensation for the same can be provided.
  • Early check in and late check out are not guaranteed and are subject to sole discretion of the hotel.
  • Some hotels may not provide daily change of linen/ towels, etc. There may be additional charges for the same.
  • Some apartment hotels/ hotels may not even provide daily cleaning and if requested on possibility there may be additional charges.
  • Credit Card Gaurantee or cash bonds may be requested at most hotels directly from the pax at time of check in for incidentals. These are refundable deposit if all extras have been paid or are charged to the extent of any outstanding bills other than what has been already paid. It is advisable to understand the system of blocking and release with each hotel, as in case of any issues in this regard the customer shall deal directly with hotel, we don’t have any role in the same. Normally the release takes some days to reflect on card so card balance validity should cover all stay dates for the blocking.
  • Most hotels does not permit smoking. Kindly check the smoking policy of the hotel to avoid high penalties.
  • Luggage restrictions apply during transfers, additional if any may be denied or extra charge may be applicable by the operator. This needs to be settled directly by the pax with the operator.
  • Responsibility of luggage at all times is of passengers. No claim for Baggage Loss (Need to do all the formalities locally on own by pax in case of eventuality).
  • Porter services are excluded unless mentioned in the inclusions.
  • If any component of the itinerary could not be delivered due to late arrival of flight, traffic conditions, or any such out of control reason then such component could not be adjusted or refunded.
  • Most Adventure Sports & certain Air or Cruise Tours may have some imp points of consideration and may require certain kinds of declarations, in case someone is not find fit for taking these activities or those who do not provide proper declaration where required, may not be allowed to take such tours. If already booked and are denied taking these activities on such grounds, refunds may not be possible, operator’s policy shall apply. It is clients responsibility to understand the same and do the needful.
  • Certain tour operations are subject on basis of minimum pax and/ OR weather conditions. If the same gets cancelled, policy of supplier/ operator shall apply.
  • Timing (start, end, etc), description mentioned in itinerary are for approx idea, exact times of tours and other details (if any) to be provided after booking along with the vouchers.
  • For tours, operators reserve right to change the inclusions and routing if required for operational reasons.
  • Private tours and transfers only follow things as per mentioned schedule and route as discussed. Extra time, detour or late start are not allowed. In case passengers could not show up as per start time, the driver or guide reserves the right to leave and no refund is provided for such unused services.
  • Hotel, tour, transfer, other tour components related information is shared to the best of our understanding. In case there is any change as per operational feasibility, change in management decisions, any other such changes without any prior notice and we do not have any control on the same and should not be held responsible for the same.
  • We do not have any insurance policy covering the expenses for accident, sickness, loss due to theft, or any other reasons. Travelers are advised and are solely responsible to seek such insurance arrangements in their home country. All baggages & personal property/s at all times are at the client’s risk. In such eventuality the clients shall be required to understand and do all the needful formalities locally on their own.
  • We act as a travel and holiday organiser only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of Destination Management Companies (DMC)/ Local Tour Operators, transport company, accommodations/ hotels, On-line/ wholesale Travel companies and service providers, airlines, coach, rail and cruise line operators, car rental companies, restaurants/ shopping outlets, other such travel related entities/ organizations. We do not have any control or operate any of these travel enterprises from whom we book various travel related components for our client’s itineraries, packages or even as individual components. Our obligation is to suggest and make travel bookings on customer’s behalf. Though we always try or best and take care in selecting all the components of customer’s holiday but we assume no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty or representation regarding their standard. Customer’s legal recourse is against the specific provider and not against us.
  • We shall not be responsible for any death, loss, injury or damage to person and or property, reduction in overall enjoyment or such other things in connection with any accommodation, transportation services, any travel entities, service providers or their employees, actions of any co-passengers or any death, loss, injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any act of GOD, dangers, fire, accident, breakdown in machinery or equipment, breakdown of transport, wars, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferages, epidemics, medical or defaults, or any other causes beyond our control.
  • Booking would be done only against 100% advance payment Plus giving signed declaration for authorizing the remittance of Foreign Exchange with relevant documents.
  • By making the payment it is understood that the customer has understood and accepted all the booking terms & conditions along with the itinerary and the inclusions.

Self Booking/ Affiliate Partner related Terms:

  • The self booking link/s help direct to the respective sites selling or operating various tours, activities and travel related components and products/ services.
  • The booking if any is done directly through these respective site/s or links and shall be considered as a transaction directly between the respective travel site or travel services operator or such other travel related companies and the individual doing booking on these site/ links without involving us.
  • The terms and policies of the respective travel company through which booking is done, apply and is binding on the individual booking the same.
  • In case of any booking, payment, refund, service, other such issues, the individual’s recourse is the respective site through which booking is made and as per their policies and discretion, the respective site are obliged to resolve the same. They only are responsible to handle the clients issues. In no way Unusual Escape or its management or employees should be held responsible for the same (even if for any matter the issue remains unresolved by the relevant company through which booing is made).