Driven not just by Passion & Knowledge but with thoughtfulness of curating journeys with Original ideas and fine Detailing- Our aim is to facilitate you in exploring destinations in experiential and exclusive ways, such that your travels transform into immersive and unforgettable journeys.

Unusual Escape is more than a decade old but my passion for travel was discovered much before. Coming from a textile business background involving frequent travel among family, I got fascinated with airlines and destinations since childhood. Not only by reading and hearing but also by travelling personally, the passion only grew besides understanding the practical insights. For latest insights, elaborate purposeful communications are regularly done with highly qualitative local experts, whose advises and guidance lend invaluable touches in designing distinctively crafted tours. My inclination for travel, fondness to explore finer things in various lifestyle aspects from gourmet food to artisan handicrafts, amalgamates together with thoughtfulness of offering excellent product, honest suggestions and original ideas, all these help me curate Unusual Escapes.

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Shrey Kejriwal

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Why not save your time and energies from the stress of planning your upcoming trip? Even when it seems easy to do internet search but it is not so easy to cut through the clutter and decide on the befitting components. Checking blogs or reviews may be limited in scope and subjective.

Some considerations get overlooked: You may ignore some important factors, for example there may be a better routing to your itinerary that can save both time and cost, there may be different ways of exploring a destination, you may not be aware of some travel components or places offering unique or authentic experiences, the season may not be right for the activities you plan to do. There are often important pre-requisites or fine lines attached that may get overlooked. Booking on your own means meticulously understanding these considerations and booking each component individually.

Adding value: As a pleasant alternative imagine connecting with someone who understands the destination well and can offer collection of components that relates to your schedule, interests and budgets. Further who can put the entire trip together for you to conveniently review and book. Unusual Escape does just that. With a desire to envision your dreamy vacation and curate it exclusively for you by investing in real working hours, the difference can be felt in carefully selected experiences, genuine suggestions, quality service and valuable insights, thus offering a great value for your money.

We design tours
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How we work

We offer exclusive holidays to various destinations across the globe as Unusual Escape may not only be in visiting less trodden places but also while vacationing in commonly visited countries by curating your usual anticipated holiday into an immersive journey. Whether you are visiting the destination for the first time or re-visiting again to look for newer experiences, whether you look for a family vacation or a honeymoon trip or an exclusively crafted small group tours of likeminded people, it will be our endeavour to offer you a fine and experiential tour.

For Individual Tours: Right from elaborate discussions to help you choose the destinations to hand picking components relating to your preference and budgets. From planning a detailed itinerary to booking your tour components and further in understanding the important aspects and a comprehensive well explained handover, we handhold you in the entire process to make your journey more pleasurable and convenient.

For Small Group Tours: Based on our understanding of upscale travellers and experience of over 11 years in dealing with such discerning clients, who at times want to travel in a small group to enjoy company of other guests yet not compromising on the comforts of semi private kind of tour, we carefully curate such small group tours that not only offers nice stays but also mix of authentic and unusual experiences, scenic sites, boutique places, wellness, fine dine experiences and more.


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