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Over a decade has passed since the inception of Unusual Escape, yet my love for travel has deep roots. Raised in a textile business family involving frequent travels, I found myself captivated by airlines and destinations from a very young age. Not merely by reading or hearing but also embarking on personal journeys, kindled the flames of my passion and helped me gain first hand insights. My regular interactions with top-tier local experts lend invaluable touches in meticulously crafting distinctive and high-quality experiences, that are exceptional, authentic and truly memorable. My inclination for travel, fondness to explore finer things in various lifestyle aspects from gourmet food to artisan handicrafts, amalgamates with thoughtfulness of offering excellent product with original ideas and honest suggestions, all these help me curate Unusual Escapes.

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Shrey Kejriwal

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Do you like a luxurious resort or a boutique lodge? Serene landscapes or adventure terrains? Let us know, what excites you the most.

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Your time is valuable : Why not save your time and energies from the stress of planning your upcoming trip? Even when it seems easy to do internet search but it is not so easy to cut through the clutter and decide on the befitting components. Checking blogs or reviews may be limited in scope and subjective.

Some considerations get overlooked : Self searches can overlook crucial factors, like better routes for time and cost, diverse exploration, hidden gems, seasonal suitability, prerequisites. Booking alone means handling intricate details. We cover it all.

We can add value : Imagine connecting with a destination expert who tailors components to your schedule, interests, and budget. We craft your dream vacation, investing real hours for exclusive curation. Feel the difference in quality experiences, genuine suggestions, and valuable insights.