“We travelled to Austria via Unusual Escape..It was amazingly well organised and we thoroughly enjoyed each day. Kudos to Mr. Shrey for immaculately arranging it.”

Dr. Sane & Dr. Uppal

Friends Escape to Austria

“Unusual escape had planned us a trip to Switzerland. Everything was meticulously planned and arranged. From transport to hotel facilities every thing was par excellent ✨️ The details in the itinerary made it so easy for us to travel in a foreign country hassle free. Even small details like day wise train schedules, from where to catch the train, routes, etc was mentioned in the itinerary. We had the fun of our life during this trip.”

Mrs Ankita Aggarwal

Family Escape to Switzerland

“Thanks for everything, you are the best. You know I have planned many trips before with various travel agents or by myself and I must say you are truly one of the best travel organisation I have had the pleasure to interact with. We thank you very much for all your work and dedication to make this trip happen. Shrey helped us manage everything from transportation to accommodations during our South African vacation. He also helped with itinerary planning so that our trip was as fun-filled as possible. Whether it’s family activities or ensuring luxury hotel stay, Shrey definitely made our life easier while on vacation. Thank you very much!”

Mr. Pranav Sahi

Family Vacation to South Africa

“First of all thank you very much to the team unusual escape. This was my fourth trip to dubai and i can say i had never experienced dubai the why they made us experience this time. The hospitality and the perfection in delivering what was committed was par excellent. We looking forward to be with you again on a unsusual escape.”

Mr. P Goyal

Family Vacation to Dubai

Thank your for the effort put in by you. Your knowledge about each place was superb. You have made “a” holiday into “the” holiday. The Break was necessary away from daily life. But you have made it special. Thank you for this. Both London and Abu Dhabi were Superb, that too within the budget we had requested. Thanks again. Hope to meet up soon for another amazing experience.

Mr. Kshitij Rajkumar

Family Vacation to UK & UAE

Very well organised and comfortable tour. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Every aspect was so meticulously planned out for us & every minute detail is taken care of …one can just relax and enjoy the trip. A clean score 100 for their services. If you want to Escape for fun, leisure and comfort trip, Unusual Escape is your solution. All future escapes of us from here for sure by Unusual Escape. Highly Recommended.

Dr. Neeta Sane & Ms. Tresa George

Friends Vacation- Vietnam

Thank you so much for the amazing trip! It was truly unforgettable. From the breathtaking views to the delicious food, it couldn’t have been any better. You’re attention to detail was perfect for arranging our trip. Thank you for organizing and planning each day’s excursion. The entire week was a blast! I loved the breakfast at both the hotels the most. I really appreciate you for finding the hidden gems that others don’t know about. UNUSUAL ESCAPE ROCKS!

Mr. Sumit & Mrs. Ankita Aggarwal

Family Vacation- Dubai & Abu Dhabi

“For my honeymoon, I thought a little bit of planning would help make the trip more efficient. So I got in touch with Shrey at Unusual Escape. After discussion with Shrey, we realized that keeping in mind our preferences and taste for variety of experiences, Australia was a good option. Right from finalisation of destination based on the weather and other factors, to the hotels, to the planning of every single day based on the combination of luxury, adventure and relaxation that we wanted, to where we wanted to eat given that we were pure vegetarians and how we would go about the place, everything was worked and reworked on. In short, everything was meticulously pre-decided. When I look back now, it was indeed the most enjoyable trips that I have undertaken. Thanks to the great effort by Unusual Escape, we had a fantastic honeymoon. Although, I know a lot of my fellow Indian travellers would like to say that they can do their own trips, I would really recommend them to try the Unusual escape and Shrey for their expertise and professionalism. Unusual Escape provided the X Factor which made our trip “great” from what could have been just “good.” We had a super –smooth trip. ”

Shrenique Golecha

Honeymoon Vacation- Australia

“We’ve gone to Europe a few times before – but with this trip to Italy – we’ve found luxury in Europe. Private Limosuine services, custom day itineraries to vineyards & UNESCO world heritage sites & private tours of popular tourist spots. The world was our oyster & Unsual Escapes made that a reality”

Vrinda & Shrivatsa Khemka

Couple’s Vacation- Italy

“Booking a holiday is always a big Deal for us because these are not holidays these are memories we are building. We were completely blank about our destination, leave apart the other things like how many days and budget. A family member recommended Shrey Kejriwal (Unusual Escape) and when we met him for the first time we were completely convinced that we are booking our holiday with them only. Reasons are too many to mention here but one would surely be his knowledge about so many destinations and second his truthfulness. He wouldn’t sing a fairytale to you, at the same time he will make sure that u pack even a safety Pin if required in your itinerary. Jokes apart we took a holiday in Dubai booked by Unusual Escape and it was a very premium one without any loopholes, no hidden costs and no hidden surprises. In-fact we were well taken care of by Shrey even when we were on our trip. I think it is a great gesture to ensure that your guests are comfortable and safe in another country. I was overwhelmed by the treatment. Thanks Shrey for everything and looking forward to many more holidays with Unusual Escape.”

Vinay & Payal Agarwal

Family Vacation- Dubai

“We planned on going to Singapore & Thailand, first thing which we thought while thinking of planning was unusual escape! He not only gives you a clear picture but also provides you with the best. He isn’t one of them who will give a rosy picture in the start and then telling you the problems which might come! We love his work for so so many reasons that he is trustworthy, honest, helps us out in everything, plans the best in the budget even in luxury we all have a budget so that ways he tries to give the best! We had an enjoyable tour. Our hotel in Pattaya was really nice and services were extremely good. The tour was planned well within our budget but we were offered better experience than we thought we would get. The things offered were well explained pre-hand and Shrey had kept a constant touch even during the tour. We really had a nice time.”

Shradha & Kshitij Agrawal

Family Vacation- Singapore & Thailand

“If you are planning for a vacation then definitely Shrey is the person to go to.I’d planned Aus NZ and Maldives trips with him and all of them were very memorable trips for us. What I liked about his work is attention to details. He planned our trips as if he himself was visiting the place. He explained everything so well that you will not have any doubt or confusion. He had always kept us updated about the rules and regulations of all the places especially during covid times. “

Rajat & Srushti Pendharkar

Honeymoon Vacation- Maldives

“I have travelled a lot throughout the World and a huge travel enthusiast. But Planning with Unusual Escape – Mr. Shrey is an experience in itself. The detailed knowledge what he has is superb and remarkable. Each and every small detail what he covers in the itinerary is excellent keeping in mind about everyone travelling in the group. Overall a Super JOB WELL DONE !!!”

Rishi Ruia

Planning of Family Vacation to Europe

“मेरी दुबई यात्रा अविस्मरणीय है।इसका श्रेय,श्रेय तुम्हें ही जाता है ।दुबई के लिए flight Emirates की यात्रा बहुत ही सुखद थी ।उसकी परिचारिकायें बहुत ही शालीन थी साथ ही उनकी सुन्दरता भी प्रशंसनीय थी।दुबई पहुंचने से लेकर भारत वापस आने तक तुमने उसकी बहुत ही सुन्दर रूपरेखा बनायी।Taxi ,Apartment,साथ ही भ्रमणीय स्थान तुमने हम सब की उम्र का ध्यान रखते हुए बहुत ही सोच समझ कर रखा।वहां Hotelमें अपने घर का सा ही आभास हो रहा था ।तुम्हारा इन्तजाम इतना सुन्दर था कि यह एहसास ही नहीं हुआ कि हम अनजान स्थान पर आये हैं ।Taxi driver भी बहुत ही अच्छे थे और उनका पूरा सहयोग हमारी यात्रा में रहा ।दुबई यात्रा को तुमने बहुत ही सुन्दर व सुखद बनाया इसके लिए मैं दिल से तुम्हारा आभार व्यक्त करती हूँ ।”

Mrs. Shashi Poddar

Senior Citizen’s Family Vacation to Dubai

“Iceland’s beauty simply put in one word is surreal & this brilliant adventure was made possible because of Mr. Shrey Kejriwal’s sea of knowledge. Right from conceiving the ideal travel location, to the flights, hotels, conveyance, sight-seeing, day-tours, restaurants, shopping and meticulously planning the itinerary down to a tee- this really was the one stop travel shop for me & my family- we were completely floored, even before the holiday started. Iceland’s been my favorite holiday so far & I can’t wait for another perfectly planned holiday. Mr. Kejriwal’s unparalleled enthusiasm for travel really made my holiday an Unusual Escape.”

Vrinda Modi

Family Vacation to Iceland

“Thanks so much for the well proposed vacation and perfect execution, it was a wonderful holiday. Submarine ride was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to plan another holiday soon with your side.”

Pankaj Agrawal

Family Vacation- Mauritius

Let us all first express our gratitude towards you for your help in smooth conduct of our Aus-NZ trip. When we started planning for the trip, we were a bit confused whether to go for an established travel company or to arrange the trip on our own. In the process we realised that we need some expert’s help. ‘Unusual Escape’ was suggested by a family friend Dr. Sane. In subsequent telephonic and personal interactions with you, we realised your meticulous attention towards the fine nuances and intricacies of the tour planning. We were interested more in adventure sports kind of things and you catered to our needs. Your advice regarding consideration to necessary things and avoiding unnecessary things helped us in enjoying the trip in relaxed mood. Your intra-day planning was so tidy that we didn’t have any hassles. The accommodation selected were very worthy, at the same time it did not slash on our pockets. We had very pleasant experience with you. Next time when we plan a trip, we’ll definitely approach you, at the same time we’ll recommend your name to others.

Dr. Girish & Dr. Medha Pendharkar

Family Holiday to Australia & New Zealand

We really wanted to go out after this covid thing happened and the best and safe place we thought would be Dubai. We didn’t even give a second thought and planned on taking this trip again with unusual escape! He is the best travel guide and expert you can rely on for your holidays. If you want to add that factor to your trips making it luxurious and at the same time Practical he is the person to go for! He helped us throughout, even during the trip we had certain issues and apprehensions he was always there to help us and guide us! What else does one need? Highly recommend to go ahead and book your tours with unusual escape:)

Shriem Agarwal

Planning of Family Vacation to Dubai

We had a wonderful and memorable tour doing variety of different things. Arrangements done were really good, all hotels except QT (Gold Coast) were nice and centrally located. In all a lovely vacation, we had a great time.

Dr. Sudhir Sane

Family Vacation to Australia

We (my wife and me) had an amazing time for our Australian Tour (22days/23 Nights), booked by your team. I would like to mention the destination knowledge and hard-work accompanied with personalisation towards our extensive itinerary was brilliant. We have never seen such customised work ever before with any other Travel Company. I wish you the best of luck for the future and hope to book many more trips with you.

Rishi & Ridhi Ruia

Couple’s Vacation to Australia

“Our honeymoon planned by Mr. Shrey Kejriwal to Australia was an enjoyable trip. Especially the stay in Crown Metropol- Melbourne, followed by the Penguin Parade, Hot Air Balloon in Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns were amazing. The complete tour was well planned and well organised, we enjoyed a lot. Our future tours will be planned by unusual escape. Thanks to Mr. Shrey Kejriwal.”

Rishab and Vedika Bhartia

Honeymoon Tour to Australia

“At the onset, i would like to Thank You for Planning and Executing our Italy trip exactly the way we wanted and most importantly for the impeccable execution, at italy where we found no surprises and glitches. Everything on time and as promised!! Since I have done a lot of homework in comparing many operators and packages for my nine nights Italy trip, I can very confidently state that the level of customization and most importantly the personal touch which we received from Shrey was incomparable. While he handles your inquiry, he is completely engrossed in your likes and dislikes, your preferences, choices and habits that at the end of planning stage it seems that he has been knowing you since long and has planned a splendid customized vacation for you!! His suggestions are very practical and always honest which is very important for success of the trip. Well, the immaculate planner in Shrey is well surpassed by Shrey, The executor!! With a keen eye to every minute detail and requirement of the client he lays down the well researched and thoroughly prepared service itinerary, which I must say is his “Unique Selling Proposition”. With service itinerary of Shrey in hand, you simply have to leave all your worries behind and follow it blindly for successful vacation. Right from transfers to stay to tours to Indian restaurants, everything is detailed in his execution. The execution of our trip has been impeccable. All the transfers were pre arranged and were absolutely on time. All hotels were as per our preferences and well located to meet our needs. All tours were excellent and provided what we wanted. Our Italy Trip been a wonderful experience and i would like to thank Shrey for Making it Happen!!”

Vayavya Mishra

Couples Premium Vacation to Italy

Our Trip was very good, especially the stay in Tauern Spa Hotel Zell am See-Kaprun was a real good suggestion by Shrey as it was a wonderful experience. Overall services were fine and there were no hitches. Thanks for your efforts. God bless you!

Mr. Raj Kishore Modi

Friends and family Luxury Vacation in Austria & Hungary

Our Swiss holiday arranged by Shrey Kejriwal of Unusual Escape was perfectly planned and executed, we enjoyed a lot, overall it was really good especially Zermatt was a highlight. Thanks for the excellent holiday.

Mr. Gaurang Shah

Switzerland Family Vacation

Let me take a moment & thank you for arranging our dream destination with all wonderful travel arrangements to Rajasthan. The Holiday really worked wonderful from every single service to all other arrangements. I must not forget & mention that the local rep was well versed with all the places in & around the city. He really helped us & guided us for shopping. He was really entertaining thus my child also enjoyed his company. To sum, this is one of the best holiday I have ever been on. Thanks to u all for making my family holiday this memorable. I look forward to book my further travel plans with you in future.

Ms Vaishali ( A Travel company’s B2B booking)

Family Vacation to Rajasthan

I had got a package booked for my clients covering Switzerland & Italy from Mr. Shrey of Unusual Escape. He had provided me the best options to get this booking mature with his vast knowledge of these places. He provided me information on things to be done on each day of itinerary, which trains and sightseeing to take, etc. The information provided helped me guide my guest. Best part is that he had given me detailed information of every single component for a clear picture and understanding, which I really appreciate. I wish him luck & will look forward for his services in future for other destinations also.

Mr. Mehtab (A Travel company’s B2B booking)

Family Vacation to Switzerland and Italy

It was the first time we have visited China and I would like to say it was a great experience. Whole of the itinerary was implemented in exactly same manner as confirmed at the time of booking the tour. The places we had visited were worth seeing. Every minute experience we received, is still been mesmerized in our heart. The food we had just gave a memory of being at our home. The hospitality received from the guides and the concerned persons in the whole tour was excellent. I thank you for making such a memorable phase in our life.

Mr. Pravin Agarwal

Couple’s Vacation Tour to China

Your personal suggestion about how to utilize free time, where to eat, also keeping our trip in our budget was a great help. I had shut my brain and enjoyed my heart out as every thing was planned perfectly. We did not have to make any arrangements, seeing lovely places without bothering to know how to get there, what to see was the best part.

Mrs. Shalini Beriwal

Couple’s Vacation to Turkey

Thank you for such a good trip. Places selected for stay were great. Thanks once again for wonderful holiday.

Mr. Kutubuddin Naseem

Family & Friends Vacation in New Zealand

“This is to thank you for the fantastic arrangements made by you for our trip to Europe.  It was a immaculately planned itinerary with all details taken care of.  I shall look forward to my next trip now so as to experience the same pleasure and also highly recommend to my family and friends to take your assistance in planning their trips.”

Mr. Shrivardhan Khemka

Family & Friends Holiday to Montreux, Chamonix & Italy

The trip was wonderful and went as planned. Although this was our first experience with your company, it went very smoothly and as planned. There was no need to bother you at any time. All hotels except one were excellent, car and driver were good and efficient, personal escort was polite but actually added little value as driver himself was much knowledgeable. Sightseeing and local information provided was satisfactory enough. Thanks for all your planning and support.

Mr. Sunil R Hasabnis

Couple’s Vacation to Rajasthan

The property Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) booked by our agent Mr. Shrey was awesome. Me, my wife and our 2 kids had wonderful time. The itinerary done was elaborate covering all the important places. Most of all, we got everything what we were promised at the time of booking. Personal chauffeur driven car tours were very convenient. Would definitely go with him for all our holiday tours.

Advocate Rahul Aggarwal

Family Holiday to Singapore